TV presenter Fern Britton unhappy with Nick Ross’s rape comments


TV presenter Fern Britton is unhappy with Nick Ross’s recent comments over rape. According to her, rape is always a rape and there is no justification for it. When someone is unwillingly forced to have sex, then that becomes a violation. ‘Crimewatch’ star said rape victims are often responsible for their attacks, by being provocatively dressed. He backed his statement by giving an example of huge bags of cash being stashed outside the bank doors.


In his book ‘Crime’, Ross states most women do not report rape because they are partly responsible. He also adds that having sex unwillingly with boyfriends or when drunk isn’t rape necessarily. These comments drew huge uproar from victim organizations and many tweets which have lambasted him. Sarah Green of ‘End Violence Against Women’ said his comments were disgusting and rape survivor Jill Saward said these kind of comments back up the idea that victims are responsible for what happens to them.

Fern feels that since Ross is not a woman, he cannot feel the consequences. In her memoir, she mentioned how she met her attacker. He came to her house with bottle of champagnes. He pinned her to the floor. Since he was physically much stronger, she did not struggle, nor she co-operated, because she wanted it to be over soon. Fern did not report this to police as she did not have any bruises and was afraid.

Ross however, does not disagree to the fact that perpetrators should be brought to justice and these issues should be at the center of attention.