Shaun White Olympics 2010 Video of his Double Mctwist is Awesome, Scotty Lago Wins Bronze


Shaun White won a gold medal at the Halfpipe event at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

His performance was perfect when he started by scoring 46.8 on his first run. The second run took him to new heights as he launched, spun, and showed us the double mctwist and this helped him get an amazing score of 48.4 score, as well as land him in the first position and the winner of his first Gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Shaun White made the US proud by winning the gold medal at the Olympics 2010. Finland’s Peetu Piiroinen won the silver medal while white’s compatriot Scotty Lago received bronze medal.

There were many expectations for Shaun White since he only recently won his third gold in a row at the X Games superpipe last month.

Shaun White’s fans are happy that he proved himself yet again with a gold at Olympics 2010.

Check out one of Shaun White’s Videos:


  1. Shaun White told the issue of his mom taking his gold medal to get cleaned at the cleaners in the interview with Cris Collingsworth on TV. It was hysterical! He questioned his mom if there was a way they could get the gold medal ribbon clean as it had grown really disgusting and his mother took the medal to the cleaners! He was astonished when she came back it back with the dry cleaning bag over top of it. White also found it was hysterical that she complained about how much money it cost to clean it.


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