Sea World Trainer Killed by Orca Whale Shamu


A veteran trainer was attacked and killed by a killer whale in front of a audience at the SeaWorld show on the 25th of Feb. Its still not sure if Dawn Brancheau, aged 40 actually died from drowning or died from the whale’s trashing.

The spokesman for SeaWorld Fred Jacobs said that the whale was Tilikum, was also one of the three orcas that was blamed in the killing of a trainer who had lost her balance and fell in the pool in the year 1991 at Sealand in Victoria British Columbia. Its reported that Tilikum was also involved in a death in the year 1999. There was a body of a man who had sneaked inside SeaWorld, his body was found draped over Tilikum.

Sources say that the mishap happened around afternoon time and towards the end of the show.

72 year old Eldon Skaggs said that Dawn Brancheau was on a platform with Tilikum and was massaging it, when suddenly Tilikum pulled Dawn Brancheau under and started swimming around with her.


Later an alarm was ringing and all SeaWorld staff rushed the audience out of the stadium and workers scrambled around with nets.

It is still unsure why Shamu attacked Dawn.


  1. I’m no expert on this subject and I too love to see these animals however, it seems to me that folks forget that these are still wild animals and can do things like this. I am puzzled however, once an animal commits an incident of violence why is it allowed to continue to perform with humans??

  2. This was truely a wild animal. Whales should not be taken out of the wild like this poor animal was. I would probably be frusterated too if I was taken away from my family and forced to perform. This whale should have never been taken out of the wild in the first place, but also after he was “involved” in other killings he should have been returned to the wild.