Kano lets children build their own computers


A London-based startup, Kano lets children build their own computers.

Learning coding is hard, but a London-based startup, Kano, is making things much easier for children. The company has introduced a new kit that will help children build their own computer. The easy to use kit will cost $150 (£93.34) and is aimed at children between the age of 6-14. The kit includes a plastic case, an orange keyboard and a tiny speaker.

Kano Computers

Using simplicity as its base, the computer tries to break down the coding process for children, so they can understand it easily. The coding process begins with the easy task of making modifications to popular games like Snake, Minecraft and Pong.

The Kano kit comes without a display, so users are required to connect the computer to a display for it to begin working. Along with coding and building a computer, a Kano can also carry out the regular functions of a computer like accessing the web, streaming music and videos and sending and receiving email.

Once a modification is made, a child can upload his work on the internet to share it with other Kano users. Alternatively, one can download modified versions of the games on their Kano.

Kano has its own programming language called ‘Kano Blocks’, which looks similar to jigsaw-puzzle pieces and aims to easily explain the coding process to children. While Kano may not be the best way to learn how to code professionally, it is a good way to start the learning process.

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