Huge Fire Breaks Out at the Surf Hotel in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire


A hotel called The Surf Hotel in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire had a major fire towards late last night in USA today -the fire was so great that it effected buildings nearby too.


Reports from WBZ-TV say that the Surf Hotel was destroyed because of the fire in USA today. On the good side,  no one was hurt as the hotel is closed for the winter season.

The official website of the Surf Hotel has described the USA hotel as a small family owned operation which is situated right in the middle of all beaches which stands directly opposite the Atlantic Ocean at Hampton Beach.

The exact location of  the Surf Hotel is about an hour north of Boston and a very hot tourist destination

This is not the only fire that has taken place at Hampton Beach, it has a history of major fires in the years 1915, 1923, 1950, and 1999.

Surf Hotel has just three floors and the area around the hotel is quite populated. Many witnesses say that the fire was so huge that one could see it from miles away.