Unexplained UFO photobombs astronauts’ spacewalk


A video on YouTube by NASA shows a UFO photobomb astronauts’ spacewalk.

UFO sighting stories have been around for centuries now. This one is a little more spectacular as it is in space and captured on video. A video posted on YouTube by NASA shows a UFO behind astronauts that were conducting a spacewalk. The astronauts were conducting some repair work on the International Space Station (ISS) when the unidentified flying object (UFO) was seen in the background.

UFO spacewalk

The video, that was published on October 7, 2014, has garnered a lot of attention online with several discussions being held on the video as to what the object could be. The footage is shot by the camera on the International Space Station, as NASA’s flight engineer Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst of the European Space Station take a spacewalk to fix an electrical issue on the ISS.

At round the 1:30 mark, a faintly lit elliptic object is seen in the background where the astronauts were working. The object is only seen for a few seconds before the camera shifts to another angle.

Experts have opined that a possible explanation of the situation may be lens flare. This is a phenomena that occurs when light is refracted off a surface and it enters the camera lens at an angle of incidence that is more than the angle of reflection. However, observers of the video are convinced that it cannot be lens flare since there is no strong source of light near the sighting of the UFO.

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