Lose blood in a game, Lose blood in real life


A new kickstarter project will see people who lose blood in a game, lose blood in real life.


Forget virtual reality being the new thing in gaming, there is something that is more advanced and scary than virtual reality. Enter: Blood Sport. A new project on Kickstarter is planning on taking the consequences of the digital world and affecting the real world with it. With Blood Sports, gamers playing games on consoles will lose blood when they get shot in the game.


Blood Sport


While they are not a charity organisation or a game manufacturer, their goal is to create blood donation camps around the country where gamers can come and participate in tournaments and through this, they will donate blood. Blood sport will create the hardware to remove blood from people’s bodies when they get shot in a game.


Every time a player gets shot within a game, a signal is sent to the controller that causes it to shake. Blood Sport uses this signal to begin removing blood from the person’s body. There is also a provision made to make sure that the devices powers down before the person loses too much blood.


The creators are two young individuals from Canada Jonathon Root and James Jarvis. The two have pledged $250,000 by the end of this year. So far, the project has collected over $3000, but for some reason, pledging for the project has been suspended.


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