Ad-blocking software to result in $22 billion loss to websites


With the rising popularity of the ad-blocking software, online business have expressed their concerns as it might cost them nearly $22 billion across the globe. The condition is expected to get worse in the future.


Internet users these days are fed up of the advertising networks which can track them. The websites are jam packed with ads. The recent ad-blocking software gives the users their privacy and gives them a calmer and hassle free browsing experience. This might be convenient for the users, but blocking too many ads might lead to a loss for the websites themselves.
According to a new report, blocking of the online ads can result in a loss of about $22 billion across the globe and this is expected to get worse in the upcoming years. So by 2016 the ad blockers are expected to result in a loss of about $20.3 billion in the US market alone. The Adobe team has teamed up with Ireland based startup PageFair to assess the current use of ad blocking software. The online sites that rely fully on advertisements can face challenges in the future.
In the US, the use of ad-blocking software has increased by 48% in the past year. It has reached an average of 45 million active monthly users between April and June 2015.

Photo Credits:  wsj