Apple removes apps from store that accessed user’s personal information


US based tech giant Apple has taken back many of its apps from its store after security researchers found that hundreds of iOS apps have been accessing the private data of the users. A report was published on October 18, 2015 saying that they found 256 apps that violated the security guidelines of Apple.

apple apps

The apps made use of the software that collected the personal information of the user which included their email and device identification numbers. The affected apps have not been named but it has been found that most of the developers were from China. The company said that the source of the issue was a software development kit from Youmi, which is a Chinese advertising company.
The advertising kit also known as SDK accessed data including email addresses, a list of downloaded apps and device serial numbers. The apps also uploaded data on its own servers. More reports have said that the developers of the apps were not aware that SDK was being used to collect personal information for their users.
Now Apple has prohibited the users from using application program interfaces that collects such type of private data. This is the second time in a month that Apple had to remove apps from its Chinese app Store.

Photo Credits:  businessinsider