Volkswagen escapes CO2 emission scandal allegations


In some good news for the auto giant Volkswagen, it has been cleared from the cheating scandals saying that it had systematically cheated on CO2 figures. Investigations have found that there was no systematic cheating as claimed and that just six current model variants sold in Ireland wrongly stated CO2.

VW emissions

Meanwhile investigations continue on NOx emissions scandal and that more recently inquiry claims that it has sold up to 800,000 cars with the wrong CO2 figures. On the other hand just none Volkswagen models have been found that wrongly states CO2. The initial investigation reports will have combined efforts put in by German Transport Department, staff investigators at Volkswagen, public prosecutors and the independent US law firms.
Reports say that the emission figures of these cars are believed to be one or two grammes up. In Ireland just six of the nine models affected are on sale. Volkswagen released a statement which said, “The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production vehicles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed. During internal remeasurements slight deviations were found on just nine model variants of the Volkswagen brand.”
The statement further added that the model variants will be remeasured by a neutral technical service and will be surpervised by an appropriate authority during Christmas.

Photo Credits: guim