Uber introduces new feature to keep riders entertained


With an increase in the competition among the cab service, Uber has introduced a new feature to keep its riders entertained and engaged. The new feature is known as ‘Trip Experiences’ which will see the third party developers to send customized notifications and content to riders during the trip.

Uber feature

Here the passenger has to give permission for sending content. The entertainment options include a music playtlist timed for the length of the ride, reviews of the restaurant that you are about the visit, a five minute news update and a reminder to turn on the heat when the rider is on the way back home.
Uber is trying its best to expand beyond just being a global car service. It is already facing competition from other services like Lyft and other rivals in the world. The company is also working towards offering features that the competitors do not have.
On the other hand the company has already tested food and package delivery in some of the cities and is currently working on the new technology including self-driving cars. Uber is also looking forward to integrate with as many third party apps as possible. The most important part is that Uber has in its tutorial to its developers, discouraged apps from the spamming the riders.

Photo Credits: zuza