Uber launches special vehicles for wheelchairs in London


US based transport network company Uber has launched a new fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles in London. The vehicles are available and can be requested through the app. The new option by Uber is known as the UberWav and the company has said that it will be available through the push of a button at the same cost as cheaper UberX fares.

uber wheelchair

Uber was recently questioned by the Brighton Councillors over the granting license for wheelchair users. Some of the accessibility charities were involved in the development of the new service development. Uber has said that it is investing more than £1 m over the first 18 months to establish the product. The new vehicles will have a rear entry ramp, restraints and winch which will allow the users to travel with one additional passenger.
A spokesperson from Uber said that it was initially providing 55 vehicles but now it is planning to expand this to more than 100 in near future. The spokesperson added that it is expecting wait time of 25 minutes in the Zones 1-2 and 40 minutes in Zones 3-4 during the first weeks. Tom Elvidge, the general manager of Uber in London said, “We’re proud to be making one of the biggest ever investments in accessible private hire in London and will be working hard to keep waiting times as low as possible as the service expands”.
The new initiative is expected to be a boon for the disabled people in London.
Photo Credits: i4u