Legal measures to protect UK troops from spurious accusations


Defense Secretary Micheal Fallon announced legal measures to protect the UK troops from false accusations. The legal measures have been announced by the government at the Conservative conference.


With the recent announcement there are chances that parts of the European Convention on Human Rights can be suspended during the future conflicts. Fallon has argued that he is determined to stop the “spurious claims” against the soldiers. The defense Secretary while talking at the Tory conference in Birmingham said that the legal system has been abused.
Fallon also clarified that this was not put in place to put the armed forces above the law but have been brought to comply with the criminal law of the country and with the Geneva Conventions. The defense secretary insisted that the serious claims have to be investigated but the spurious claims have to be stopped.
This has also been put at place so that the armed forces concentrate on fighting with the enemy forces and not with the lawyers. Reports say that there are two separate inquiries which are currently being examined with 2,000 allegations against the troops who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the troops will still be subject to the other articles of the convention other than the Article two (right to life) and Article Five (right to liberty).

Photo Credits: heraldscotland