7 Moments from the Third and Final US Presidential Debate That Mattered


The third and final presidential debate was the last time Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were facing off this election cycle and clearly, the candidates were primed for the fight. The two presidential contenders took the stage for their third and final debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, three weeks ahead of the countrywide elections. The two clashed on various issues ranging from abortion rights to the fight against the Islamic State, with the candidates even differing on whether the Nov 8 elections would be free of rigging. So, what were the biggest moments during the Wednesday night debate?



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Row Over Roe

One of the hottest topics that divided the two candidates was the issue of abortion. Clinton expressed her support for women’s rights in making healthcare decisions. The moderator, Chris Wallace, proceeded to question Clinton of her vote against late-term abortions when she was still in the Senate. Clinton explained the circumstances under which she made the vote. Trump responded by speaking strongly against late-term abortions.

Trump’s ‘Bad Hombres’

Trump pointed out that his plans to strengthen security at the Us-Mexico border in a bid to keep drugs out of the US. In defending his immigration policy, Trump referred to illegal immigrants as ‘bad hombres’ and his plans to get them out of the country. His racist undertones were, however, quickly criticized on Twitter.

Heated Exchange On Russia

The debate turned over into a discussion of the closeness between Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Clinton even went ahead to call Trump Putin’s puppet. Trump then turned on Clinton and criticized her for her support for ‘open borders’, something Clinton mentioned during a paid speech for a Brazilian bank. Clinton also expressed concern over the involvement of Russia in the US elections.

Comparing Notes on Experience

During the exchange between the candidates, Trump pointed that Clinton had more experience than him, but was quick to add that it was bad experience, as everything Clinton had done turned out badly. Clinton was quick to defend herself and turn the tables on Trump by pointing out his failures over the 30 years she had been working to transform America.

Trump Dismisses Women’s Claims

Various women have come forward to claim that they have in the past suffered sexual assault under Trump. He has, however, vehemently denied all these allegations, calling them fiction. Among the women is a People Magazine reporter who alleges that Trump pushed her up against a wall and forcibly kissed her and another who claimed that Trump groped her decades ago while on a plane. He continues to deny all these allegations.

Feud Over Foundations

Trump attacked Clinton’s foundation for accepting donations from countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Also, Clinton had a hard time exonerating her foundation from allegations of a pay-to-play scheme following revelations of emails exchanged between top officials at the foundation and a senior State Department official. She also hit back at Trump’s foundation, referring to an incident in which the foundation used donations to buy a 6-foot portrait of Trump.

Trump on Losing the Elections

Trump failed to state whether he would accept the results of the Nov. 8 elections. He has pointed out that the elections could be rigged, but Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate and Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump pointed out that they would accept the election results. Clinton termed Trump’s indecisiveness on the issue as “horrifying.”