Theresa May hints of missing 2019 deadline of leaving EU


The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May has suggested that they might miss the previously expected March 2019 deadline for leaving the European Union. May at the House of Commons on October 19, 2016 said that the negotiations is likely to take more than two years and the length of time prescribed under the EU’s Article 50.

Theresa May Visits A Manufacturing Workshop

The Prime Minister has also assured that the Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March 2017 that will take the Britain out of the Eurropean Union by March 2019 under treaty provisions. May, while talking about the negotiations said that it is expected to take two or more years. The PM said, “There’s going to be lengthy negotiations – over the course of those two years and more Parliament will have its say in a variety of ways, not least in relation to the Great Repeal Bill”.
The Article 50 days that any country can invoke the provision that gives two years to negotiate a settlement before it leaves. However the treaty clause has never been used before and the legal and political opinions are split over how the secession would take place. The spokesperson of the Prime Minister said that after the PM’s Questions had concluded no discussions had been held with other EU states on extended Brexit talks.
The spokesperson added that it was possible for negotiations to be extended if the EU states unanimously agreed on such an extension to take place. May ahs also said that in terms of Brexit she will restrict freedom of movement and give British businesses the best possible access to the single market once it has been secured.
Photo Credits: newsweek