NYS Dept Of Labor Announces New York State Unemployment Insurance Benefits


The Commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor Collen Gardner has spoken on the NYS unemployment issue saying: “Prevailing unemployment issues in NYS or the New York State are sky-high already.”

However, reports say that the New York State Unemployment rate is stable at 8.8% for February 2010.


The New York State Labor Department reports goes on to say that 8,100 private sector jobs were gained in New York State in the month of February 2010 – which is equal to a 0.1% gain.

The Commissioner said, and we quote: “The recession is being faced at both national as well as the Capital Region level thus the youthful individuals from the United States are experiencing one of the most painful problem: unemployment. The issue has skyrocketed as well as the estimates at the national level recommend that the ratio of unemployment among the youth is over 21 percent. Similarly the recent Census data reveals that at local level the rate is practically 20 %.”

For NYS Unemployment Insurance, a Tax form called 1099G is being distributed and this form gets you the total amount of unemployment insurance benefits that were paid to claimants during 2009.

We will keep you posted on more NYS unemployment updates.



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