Nissan Leaf Electric Car Priced At $32780 After Tax Credit, Worldwide Release in 2011


Car giant Nissan has announced that it plans to price its Leaf electric car at a low price of $32,780, when Nissan launches the car later this year.

The Leaf’s cost is approximately $32,780, but Nissan has deducted the $7,500 federal tax credit from it – which makes it $25,280. The auto maker is also making the Leaf available on lease at $349 a month.


However, the tax rebates are higher in some states that have state-sponsored tax credits for buying an electric vehicle.

Nissan will take orders for this five-door beauty from April 20 2010 onwards, and release the car in some selected markets in December, while the rest of the world will see it next year.

The Leaf has an an average of 100 miles per charge, and takes almost 16 hours to charge with a 110-volt outlet and 8 hours with a 220-volt outlet.

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