Adobe Planning On Suing Apple For Banning Flash from iPhone and iPad?


UK Today News: Adobe Planning On Suing Apple For Banning Flash from iPhone and iPad?

The latest buzz in the tech world is that Adobe is reportedly planning on Suing iPhone creator Apple in the next few weeks. IT World reported that sources from Adobe revealed this news to them.


Adobe is reportedly upset on the fact that Apple has banned Flash from the iPhone and iPad. Besides this, Adobe is also unhappy that Apple won’t allow developers to build applications in Flash and let them then import them through translation-type software.

Apple on th other hand is reported to have made this decision to not include flash because the apps converted from Flash or other unsupported languages run badly on their hardware.

However, whether this is true or just a rumor making the rounds is till something that Apple or Adobe needs to verify.


  1. While I disagree with Apple’s decision not to allow Adobe AIR to port applications (and applaud not supporting Flash), I think Adobe will have a difficult time in a lawsuit. It can’t be on anti-trust grounds since the iPhone isn’t even dominant in any market, much less a monopoly. It would have to be as a violation of some specific Adobe-Apple agreement that Adobe feels is being broken. There are numerous examples of OEMs preventing third parties from working with their devices.

    I think Adobe has little chance of success and I would be surprised that they would file a lawsuit: failure would only cement a problem for Adobe that their technology may not survive. More likely they will redouble efforts to support Google.