Faisal Shahzad – Times Square Car Bomb Suspect Has US Citizenship

UK Today News: Faisal Shahzad – Times Square Car Bomb Suspect Has US Citizenship

Times Square Car Bomb – Faisal Shahzad, the suspect behind the failed Times Square car bomb, was a man from Pakistan who became a US citizen in the year 2009.


According to reports, the security agencies had no interest in putting Faisal Shahzad under the suspicion radar since he was a US citizen. Faisal Shahzad was arrested at Kennedy Airport, where his flight to Dubai was about to take off, and he was caught red handed running when he was trying to run away from the country.

A woman, who was his supposed neighbor in Shelton, Connecticut, said that Faisal Shahzad used to stay next door and never talked much besides the fact that he claimed to work in Wall Street. Shahzad had a family living with him, and the neighbor used to play with his daughter, but she had never been in much of a contact with him.

Sources say that Shahzad’s wife spoke English and she was very insecure about her language ability so she, never spoke much. But when asked, she said they were moving to Missouri. Shahzad had made international calls recent to the incident, and he said that he was alone in the act.

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