RFK Bridge Closed After Suspicious U-Haul Truck Abandoned On Triborough Bridge


UK Today News: RFK Bridge Closed After Suspicious U-Haul Truck Abandoned on Triborough Bridge

RFK Bridge, Triborough Bridge: The RFK Bridge in New York aka the Triborough or Triboro Bridge, was shut down for sometime late on Wednesday night, after an abandoned “suspicious” U-Haul truck was found smelling of gas near the RFK bridge.


According to reports, a little after 10 p.m., a U-Haul truck with Arizona plates was found abandoned 300 meters away from a toll booth on the Manhattan side of the Triborough bridge.

CNN reports:

“Police X-rayed the truck, then examined it thoroughly — including cutting a hole in the side of the truck to see whether it had an explosive device.” The truck was found empty.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told reporters:

“The first thing they did was conduct X-rays to give them an idea of what was inside the box if anything. They saw nothing. At that point, they cut a hole in side of the truck — on the left side of the truck — so they could visually inspect inside to make sure the X-rays hadn’t missed anything. The X-ray was confirmed, there was nothing inside. They had also inspected the engine, the undercarriage and the cab; all negative for anything dangerous.”

A Bridge and Tunnel Authority officer reportedly saw the driver jump out of the truck and then run toward the Queens side of the bridge.

Police are searching for the driver who left the truck.

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