37 Injured As Staten Ferry Crashes Into a Dock


UK Today News: 37 Injured As Staten Ferry Crashes Into a Dock

Staten Ferry Crash : Early morning on Saturday was a dreaded day for the passengers that boarded the Staten Island Ferry.

Staten Ferry Crash

It was around 9.30 am when the ferry crashed into a dock near St. Georges Terminal. It was accounted that around 37 passengers were injured. The ferry was the infamous Andrew J. Barberi, the same ferry that was responsible for the 2003 crash killing 11 people.

Jim Long, the spokesperson of the local fire department stated that, 37 people were injured. The coast guard reported also stated that ferry had around 252 passengers and 18 crew members aboard the Andrew J. Barberi.

He stated that one of the injured people was a lady who was complaining of severe chest pain after the accident. The rest 17 who were injured were sent to hospitals.

Mr. Rowe and Mr. Paul J. Browne, who are from the local police department, came to a conclusion and according to them, the boat had an engine malfunction.

The steering of the ship failed when it was preparing to dock at the terminal. The Saturday morning in the terminal was full of rush, with ambulances, police personnel and emergency crews who were taking the people of stretchers to the nearby hospitals.