Doomsday Movie Review In The U.K


UK Today News: Doomsday Movie Review In The U.K

It is loud, violent and filled with all sorts of action, Doomsday is a new apocalyptic, end world type of movie. This is the latest flick by the UK’s Neil Marshal, who previously with his work has scared the wits out his fans. His previous horror flicks included ‘Dog Soldiers’ and ‘The Descent’.


Marshall has been known to derivate something new everytime he directs, but this time he has bought together sci-fi and the touch horror in one movie. The movie stars Rhona Mitra, who is sent to Scotland to infiltrate a viral out break which hit the region. Slowly the disease reaches London, which is now a walled city, and Rhona Mitra has the job to search the person who has the cure.

The director has brought together a mix of punk and rock cult dressing in the movie. Which some he has adopted from the Mad Max Trilogy. Altogether the movie sound good, and as always we can expect something different from Marshall’s work, as he has always surprised us in the previous movies.