Iran Woman Will Not Be Stoned To Death Says Iranian Authorities


UK Today News: Iran Woman Will Not Be Stoned To Death Says Iranian Authorities

The Iranian authorities have stated that they would not be stoning the woman whom they found had committed adultery. The accused woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who has been in the prison from the year 2006, was under the sentence of being stoned to death, but now it is unclear why the authorities have lifted the penalty from her.

Iran Woman

Sakineh, had already been flogged, before she was tried in the court for having a relationship with a man outside her marriage. After which the court had sentenced the 43 year old woman to be stoned to death.

The sentence had erupted a wave of international campaign, from letting he being stoned. From the UK, the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, stated that the sentence of stoning is punishment from medieval period, trying to follow it even in this age shows Iran’s behavior towards humanity. But even though Iran carries out the punishment, it will disgust the whole world with this inhumane act.

In Iran, the law goes this way, if a person is found having sexual relations before marriage, then that person would be liable to 100 lashes. But if such an act is done by a married person, then the person would be stone to death. Iran still follows strict Islamic laws.

In 2006, the court had found her guilty, of having relationships with two men outside her marriage, which was after the death of her husband and so she was convicted of adultery and was sentenced to death. But her lawyer, who is also a human rights activist, warned that her death would be totally imminent. Recently in September last year, the man who was accused of having a relationship with her was found to have murdered her husband. The court had closely looked into the matter and the events that actually took place, and came to the conclusion of releasing her from the sentence.


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