BP Finally Manages To Stop Oil Leak In The Gulf Of Mexico


UK Today News: BP Finally Manages To Stop Oil Leak In The Gulf Of Mexico

BP officially confirmed that it has finally choked to oil flow, by placing the new cap, on the leaking well. There is no oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico any more, and this has been stopped more than three months of the deepwater horizon accident took place.

gulf of mexico
Picture Courtesy Reuters

As BP placed a bigger containment valve on the leak, it has a better tight sealing capacity than the previous one. The officials are just waiting for the test results that would be out on Friday, and see that the valve remain intact the same way it is now.

Once the leak has been stopped, BP would seal the 2.5 mile deep well which is below the sea bed, with cement and mud. The oil had been spewing out into the open sea for almost more than 3 months, which had caused a huge amount of irrepairible damage to the ecosystem. BP at the end finally managed to stop the leak from the undersea oil well.

President Obama on the other hand stated, that this looks as a positive sign by the company, but cautioned the people that they are still in the testing phase.

The BP officials would be testing the valve for atleast 48 hours now, during the test they check that the valve safely shuts down the oil flow from the well without any leaks, if it has to disconnect from the containment ship which on the surface for any reason. Everyone has their fingers crossed to see what would be the results on Friday.