New Cap On Gulf Oil Well Is Under Strict Scrutiny


UK Today News: New Cap On Gulf Oil Well Is Under Strict Scrutiny

BP officials have started tests on their newly fitted containment cap on the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. The monitoring of the new cap has become more strict after the cap showed less pressure rise than it expected to show.

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Picture Credits Reuters

The test had started on Thursday, after BP successfully choked off the leaking well after more than three and half months.

According to BP officials, for the moment they have not found any leak in the cap after it was fitted on Thursday. According to the testing process, if the containment cap started to build pressure on the valve, then it was sure enough that the cap would remain firm and handle the pressure from the well, but the pressure is not rising as it was expected to rise.

Admiral Thad Allem stated that they would be extending another six hours in to the testing process, to just be sure enough of the capacity of the valve. The suggested pressure of the valve is about 7500 psi, but the pressure created right now is not going above 6000 psi.