The Catholic Church Falls Into Another Controversy After Reported Gay Priests Revelation


UK Today News: The Catholic Church Falls Into Another Controversy After Reported Gay Priests Revelation

The Catholic Church has hid its face behind the curtain of shame, after an Italian magazine reportedly published an investigation report of what they have called as, the double life lived by the priests in Rome. The Weekly Panorama, which has been owned by the Italian Prime Minster, did an investigation by using hidden camera’s, which clearly depicted priests going to gay clubs and being involved in sexual acts.

Pope Benedict
Pope Benedict. Pic: DM

The Vatican does not blame Homosexuals, but rather calls homosexuality as ‘intrinsically disordered’. Pope Bernedict had ordered that gay men should not be allowed to study priesthood. The Rome Diocese criticized the Prime Ministers findings, and stated that he deliberately wanted to start a scandal; the Diocese has also asked the priests to leave their priesthood.

The Magazine stated, that these priests need to be exposed consistently, and it would have been better they had never become priests. The magazine showed a 30 year old man, name Father Paul, who had attended a party in which he spent time with two gay male prostitutes, later drove them to the airport, and said the mass next morning.


  1. The most wonderful thing in the world would be for the church to throw out all the gay priests

    Then Gods work would come to fruition – the church of the dark ages, the church of the Cursades that killed 40 million muslims, the church of Adoph Hitler still UNexcommunicated, the church of the hatred and demonization not only of the Jews, but the gays as well would go to its well deserved death in hell..

    And so much more of mankind would be free

  2. If only the media in all other countries would have the courage and the integrity to emulate Italy’s Panorama! Expose the homosexual liar priests for what they are. Then end the celibacy rule and let healthy heterosexual, married men be clergy.

  3. The Vatican calling homosexuality “intrinsically disordered” is like the pot calling the kettle a pot, or perhaps standing in front of a mirror and calling yourself names.

    Seems to me that it is the Vatican and its age-old lies that are “intrinsically disordered'” and in need of expulsion from mankind. Travel over to my side of the web if you want to help put an ned to these lies.

    Peace and Wisdom,


  4. The church run by evil and ignorance.

    Back before about 1200, priests could marry, have families etc. Then the church ended that situation,and in the queerest of marriages, had the priests marry the church.

    Of course, this was done so there would be no competing interest for the priest. Control control control is the motto of hte church. And of course money money money.

    Because now the priests property -what little he may have,is inherited by the church.

    But from the people who tortured and burned people at the stake for denying the church’s beliefs in a flat earth, we now have the grand sex scandal.

    But its hardly a scandal What else did you expect. Put people str8 or gay, into a denial of normal desires, and something breaks.

    I have no quarrel at all with gay priests doing it with other consenting adults. Similar for st8 priests.

    But the church’s hiding of monstrous crimes by gay and st8 priests abusing children, goes too far.

    The church made this bed with their greed for power over people. Hardly different then what is called prison rape – where power is the issue, and sex is just a tool to beat someone into submission.

    Wouldn’t you rather see your priest in a loving fullfilling relationship, gay or str8, then the scene we have today.

    Where all over the world – Brazil, USA, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany Austria, etc etc

    Sex starved priests have abused children. And even worse, the hierarchy hid these endless vile crimes for decades.

    Why – looks quite obvious – priests get promoted. the hierarchy is ever so guilty, but would do anythign at all to save their power.

    Includign letting abuse of children run rampart in the church.