Starcraft ii – Wings Of Liberty Launched Today

UK Today News: Starcraft ii – Wings Of Liberty Launched Today

Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty has been launched today by Blizzard. The new game continues to carry on the traditional epic of Terran, Zerg, and Protos. These three Starcraft 2 races would be clashing once again in an epic saga 12 years later.


Starcraft ii is a real time strategy and fast paced game, which is a direct sequel to the Starcraft 1, which had debuted 12 years ago.

The launch of the game has triggered a very hot sale, and Blizzard expects to sell 7 million copies by the end of this year.

To witness the launch, Singapore and South Korea pulled a crowd of thousands of gamers to their launch. The Starcraft  2 game is very much available on PC gaming mode too. There has been no early review regarding the game, as the press could not get access on the game.

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