Anna Fermanova – Russian Beautician Under House-Arrest On Spy Charges In US


UK Today News: Anna Fermanova – Russia Beautician Under House-Arrest On Spy Charges In US

Anna Fermanova, a 24 year old Latvian – American emigrant, who hails from Plano, Texas is in the news for being an alleged spy under house-arrest. She has got a license in cosmetology and has done Majors in Communication from the University of Phoenix.

Anna Fermanova
Anna Fermanova (Pic: Facebook)

Reports say that usually puts up in Moscow, where she teaches English to Russians and makes it a point to visit her friends in Texas, over and over again. The US law enforcement claims that she smuggles high-tech military armaments from the US.

Anna Fermanova was put under arrest on March 1 in New York’s JFK International Airport, when she was found carrying advanced rifles, raptor night vision weapons, etc. but was later allowed to leave for Moscow. She was again arrested on July 15 after her return to the U.S and is currently under house arrest in Plano at her parent’s home.

However, her lawyer, Scott Palmer, told reporters (Dallas Morning News): “She is quite sexy, you could say, but she is not a spy.”

Anna Fermanova’s arrest hints that the Russian spies that have been making waves in New York and New England for more than 10 years now.

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