Michael Jackson, One Of The Biggest Celebrities Birthday Celebrated Today


UK Today News: Michael Jackson One Of The Biggest Celebritie Birthday Celebrated Today

MJ’s Birthday: Michael Jackson, who is regarded by many that he is the biggest celebrity and one of the most influential people, would have had celebrated his birthday, but sadly he passed away last year before his much awaited “This is it” string of concerts in London.

Michael Jackson, well known as the “King of pop” started of his career very early and he had to fit those famous shoes right from when the time he was a child. Michael who was such a giving person, shared a lot of his money with the ones who are not so fortunate and supported many help organizations around the world. He wanted to help children and he often said that the future can be better only when our children are helped.

michael-jackson birthday

Michael Jackson the King Of Pop Birthday Today

Michael Jackson’s music was something that stood firm with his character and he proved to the world the same with his music, with breath taking records broken by him. His album “Thriller” till now stands as the highest record sold by any artist all time. He has also won many awards all through the years for his music that he gave to all his fans worldwide.

It is a fact the Michael Jackson is a celebrity that is well known in most countries. Some countries that do not even understand English adore him and treat him like God just because of his dancing. Michael also invented the moonwalk which is an awesome dance step.

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest performers and the world cried out when he passed away and he will not be forgotten.


  1. hola un saludo a todos los segidores
    de Michael Jackson ;yo creo que siempre
    Michael ,sera recordado con mucho amor
    por todos sus fans de todo el mundo.
    por que Michael Jackson fue,es,y siempre
    sera el unico que se gano nuestro corazón
    Para mi Michael Jackson es mi unico y
    verdadero Amor y lo llevare siempre en
    mi corazón.


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