John Lennon’s Birthday – Beatles Fans Remember Singer On His 70th Birth Anniversary

UK Today News: John Lennon’s Birthday – Beatles Fans Remember Singer On His 70th Birth Anniversary

John Lennon’s 70th Birthday – John Lennon, the legendary musician, would have loved the way his fans are celebrating his 70th birthday today. The fans of the former Beatles’ singer all over the world are paying tribute to him with shows and events, and Google even has a doodle dedicated to the singer.

The Peace Monument in Lennon’s native place of Liverpool, will be unveiled on his birthday and in New York, his fans would be coming together at Strawberry fields and sing the legend’s songs. In the evening, a new film called ‘LennonYC’ will be screened at Central Park for free. The film is made by Michael Epstein and it has Lennon’s concert clippings and some home videos that will expose the singer’s lifestyle to his fans, in the period when he and the Beatles parted ways.

The biggest search engine, Google,  is paying homage to the singer in the form of a new doodle. The doodle plays one of his very famous compositions  ‘Imagine’ as one clicks on the play button on it. The year 2010 also marks the golden jubilee of the band. Yes, the Beatles were formed exactly 50 years ago.

John Lennon was thoroughly into music and apart from singing, he was a great instrumentalist too. He played percussion instruments, many types of guitars, flute, mouth organ, among others.

Although, his physical absence will always be felt, he is someone who is going to stay in the hearts of his fans always.

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