AT&T ends Sponsorship Deal with Tiger Woods


The World’s top golfer Tiger Woods turned 34 on December 30th last year and one would expect celebrations from a person as big as Tiger. But instead, all his celebrations were tamed as a result of the series of adultrous affair claims that plagued his life last year.

To add to it all, telecom giant AT&T dropped him from sposoring the brand- that means no more ads or logo for this tiger.


A spokesman for AT&T told the Wall Street Journal: “We are ending our sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods and wish him well in the future”.

Tiger Woods had a seemingly perfect life with a Swedish model Elin as his wife and two lovely kids, but his world went in self-destructive mode after the string of Tiger’s affairs came into the limelight towards the end of last year.

Tiger and Elin have since drifted away.


  1. Tiger is no different than any guy…but he’s black so he has to pay a higher price for getting caught.


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