Chile Miners Rescued From San Jose Mine After Two Months Underground


UK Today News: Chile Miners Rescued From San Jose Mine After Two Months Underground

The 13th of October marks one of the most victorious days in the history of Chile, as it saw 33 miners being pulled out of the San Jose mine, ever since they got trapped in it on August 5, 2010.

Sebastian Pinera, the President of Chile calls the rescue operation a miracle. The rescue teams have been really working very hard and their strategically correct methods have helped them to help in rescue the trapped miners at the earliest.

31 year old Florencio Avalos was the first one to be pulled up in the capsule. He was embraced by his family the moment he was above the ground, and he was greeted by the President too.

Mario Sepulveda, the second miner to have been rescued said, “I never doubted. I always knew God would rescue us. I am so very happy. I’m 40 years old and will live many years more now to honor those who helped in the rescue.”

The day will definitely be celebrated nationally, in the years to come in Chile because the incident united the people of the country. Shift foreman Luis Urzua, 54, was the last miner to be resuced.


  1. This is, I think one of the greatest achievements of human mankind. Drilling through more than 600 meters down and bringing all the men safely to the surface and above that survival of the brave men against all odds is a great thing for the mankind. I congratulate the Chile government,full rescue team and everybody for making this assignment a priority, BBC and CNN etc. for continuously reporting and the rescue man who readily agreed to become last to come on surface. In fact, I was praying to God for the safe rescue of all trapped men, from the begining when I first read this chilling news. I am very happy to hear the operation accomplished successfully. Thank God.


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