Massive tsunami likely to hit southern UK shore


A sudden drop of a volcano at the Canary islands can be a threat to the Britain. Some of the top scientists have warned that a mega tsunami could destroy the south coast of Britain in three years. A huge slab of rock can trigger a massive tide that can be twice the size of the Isle of Man that smashes in to the Atlantic Ocean after breaking away from the island of La Palma.


Reports say that the huge wave that is higher than the Nelson’s column can travel faster than a jet aircraft. Dr. Simon Day from the Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London has found that if the Cumbre Vieja, which is an active volcano, erupts the western part of the mountain could fall in to the sea.
Day also said that the monster volcano has erupted once every 50 to 70 years on an average and every time it has raised the probability of the collapse. The volcano last erupted in 1971 and the next violent outburst could happen in the next three years.
The eruption can also lead to a landslide and could unleash a deadly wall of water. However, Day has also said that the collapse can also happen sometime in next several thousand years.

The researcher added that the probability of the collapse cannot be predicted accurately. But the main concern is that there is  a low-probability but  a high con sequence risk. The first target is expected to be the West Saharan Coast of Morocco with a wave measuring a massive 330ft could hit the shores with a speed of 500mph. It is also warned that thousands of people living in Britain’s southern most coastal cities  and towns that include Devon, Portsmouth and Cornwall could be washed off  in hours.

Photo Credits: lainformacion