Ed Sheeran stops concert mid-way to allow fan to propose girlfriend

Ed Sheeran

British Singer and song writer Ed Sheeran is known for his romantic ballads, which are popular among many couples while choosing their first dance as newly-weds. One of the fans of the singer has chosen Sheeran’s concert as the perfect opportunity to propose his girlfriend. The singer was performing at an intimate show in London on November 19 when Sheeran stopped his performance of Perfect.

Perfect is one of his biggest hits and was also last year’s Christmas number one. 34 year old Matthew Reed proposed his girlfriend Rebecca. The two have been in a relationship since four years. Reed sang, “She shares my dreams, I hope that some day I’ll share her home” and the audience members cheered at the Heart Live with Ed Sheeran event. The singer stopped the song and said, “Two seconds, can everyone just be quiet so this man can ask a question?”

Reed then rose to the applause amidst other fans and confirmed to the singer that Rebecca had said yes and Sheeran replied, “Fantastic” and he restarted the song that had spent six weeks at the top of the UK charts after it was released in 2017. However, this is not the first time a fan chose a live performance of Perfect as a backdrop for a proposal and Sheeran is often happy to oblige.

Sheeran himself is surrounded with rumours that he is married as he is often seen wearing a wedding ring. The singer after the show talked to the organizers of the event and said, “It’s not my life anymore, it’s hers. So I kind of don’t really like speaking too much on it because when, like, it’s me, I’m like ‘Of course I can talk about it’ but now there’s another human being in my life.” Ed Sheeran had announced about his engagement with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn in January, 2018.

Photo Credits: Billboard