UK businesses face major staff shortage problem


The coronavirus pandemic was a time when people faced a number of issues that were triggered due to the lockdowns imposed across the globe. It has been more than a year and a half in to the pandemic, and even the economy is slowly getting back on track. Despite the fact, businesses continue to face problems due to shortage of staff. The sectors that have witnessed a significant growth include restaurants, bars including the financial industry.

Tim Moore, an economics expert during a data gathering event said that as the service sector jumps back to full swing, the demand for consumer services has also increased. The only problem that is being faced is the shortage of workers. It has been noticed that staff members who were working in the hospitality industry migrated from big cities in order to save money during the pandemic. A number of foreign workers had returned home. A number of other people looked in to other kind of work and do not intend to get back to where they worked earlier.

This mostly happened in the restaurants and bars where people were forced to work for long hours. Moore also expressed that the shortage of staff also resulted in a compromise in providing service and keeping up with the new orders. In a number of parts of England it was noticed that people struggled to fill vacancies in the month of June, 2021. It is the hospitality and leisure sector that is experiencing the pressure.

On the other hand some relief comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has assured that it will be lifting the remaining restrictions later in July, 2021 but the social distancing and mask wearing rules would continue to remain. Meanwhile, England is getting ready to open up to repair the damaged economy. Kate Nicholas, the chief executive of UK Hospitality said that the recent announcement would mark the beginning of how England will start living with COVID.

Photo Credits: Pixabay