Kobe Bryant LA Times Photo shoot – Fashion Photos Creates a Stir Among Fans


UK Today News: Kobe Bryant LA Times Photo shoot – Fashion Photos Create a Stir Among Fans

LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant was dropped off in style by a helicopter for his LA Times photo shoot at the Roosevelt Hotel.

It was just a LA Times fashion photo shoot, but he must have never dreamt in his days that this little photo shoot incident would turn out to be a controversy. In his blogs, most his supporters didn’t push him over with criticism but some said that in this LA Times photo shoot he was looking too dark in the pictures.

Some critics said that Kobe looks like a Nigerian model with his skin shading edited on Photoshop to make him look darker than usual. However, some others were all praises for his style and vigor, and stated that he is the one who always goes out to save his team when it is in distress.


  1. Got mad respect for you bro, I would of went with a natural look no make-up and a loose fit.Keep it going you the best thing to Jordan that i’ve seen.

  2. Kobe Bryant is a god. Amazing skills. The only player to ever come close to Jordan is Kobe. Haters just will not admit that he is incredible. He will get at least six rings before he is over.