American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Sextape With Antwaun Cook, Accuses Paula Cook His Wife


UK Today News: American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Sextape With Antwaun Cook, Accuses Paula Cook His Wife

American Idol winner 2004, Fantasia Barrino has been accused by a Woman from North Carolina, that Fantasia has been having an affair with her husband. And she also stated in court that the couple have recorded their sexual encounters. The woman named Paula Cook is the wife of the man Fantasia has an affair with, and she has separated from him in the month of June. Her Husband’s name is Antwaun Cook.

fantasia-barrino sextape

Fantasia Barrino

Paula Cook who has taken divorce from Antwaun and has now presented documents to seek child custody, alimony and other monetary support from Antwaun. The documents of the court state that the couple started the affair in the month of August last year in 2009, where they met for the first time at a T-Mobile shop. Antwaun was employed at the T-Mobile shop.

Fantasia had won the Idol in the year 2004. She started to be around with Antwaun and had a lavish time with him, treating him by flying to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, California etc., as per the court documents.

The pair have also recorded their sexual activity on tape, and they have done this on many instances. The affair surfaced in the month of November by some gossip magazine and a website. Paula and Antwaun Cook have two children aged 6 and 2, and now Paula has filed for child custody of the two children.


  1. Perfect example of how guys lie…Her youth & inexperience gave entrance to physical attraction
    of what she considered love. Girls and Guys makes mistakes envolving love just like grown ups. The temptation of attraction is great among all human beings, unless you are sad tired & undesireable. Get on line, what number are you?

    Every wife is not perfect, some hold the license as a contract of property possessed. Why at this time does she decide to take action? Is it possible wicked vindictive to block Fantasia’s album? It won’t happen…..

    Don’t miss understand the message, it’s not approving the behaviour of messing with “LIARS” (Married Men) but who are we to judge? Every married person is not with their sole mate or in love with their mate. Ask the Governor of SC he knows best and he’s old. Married Women get a grip, step up your game on yur Dog and keep your strap tight!!!! (Satisfaction is the key). Mr. Cook was wide opened for pickin and she (Fanny) mistakenly danced with the devil and his attachments.

    Fantasia, hold your head up. You have spiritually within you and a God given talent. You know where to take this mess. Forgive yourself and your fans will too. Get a good Lawyer and listen to your wise and grown up celebrity associates and family. Move on with your life and just SANG SANG SANG. God loves ya Girl and learn from this weakness of your flesh. Make sure he’s worthy of a beautiful and talented Woman like you!!!!!!

  2. Young women stop buying men, she thought because she had money she could buy anything even a man , but all she got was trouble . That man clearly used her and now she wants to give up . Let that man alone and get back on track with what God gave you so you can help the people that supported you when you were nobody, like your father and mother and brothers buy them.Help them its all about Family when your friends are gone and the money run out that all you got . Think about that for once….you daughter needs a mother that leads by example, go back to school get envolved in a project that supports female that been threw what you have and teach them how its not about a man but about how you love yourself and respect for you comes first.